About Johanna

Johanna is the granddaughter of a Killoch Pit miner who has dedicated her life to the Labour movement.

An experienced grassroots activist Johanna has campaigned for the Party in every election since she joined aged 16.  She has held officer positions at every level of the Party, including as Chair of the Southwark Labour Local Campaigns Forum, where she oversaw the selection of council candidates across the borough.  In addition to her NEC responsibilities she has served as the CLP Secretary for Camberwell and Peckham Constituency, the Campaign Organiser for The Lane Branch Labour Party and is now the Scottish Labour Candidate for her home constituency of Cunninghame North.

As a trade union official for over a decade she has fought a daily battle for better terms and conditions at work for thousands of employees in both the private and public sectors. Her first experience of activism involved representing fellow workers in a Glasgow call centre, as a CWU rep, whilst funding her own way through her degree in politics and law from Strathclyde University.

Not closeted in the Westminster Village, Johanna represents the bulk of the Party serving their communities as trade unionists, councillors and campaigners.

She has also enjoyed spells on the Young Fabians Executive, as a school governor in Birmingham and as guest editor for LabourList. In her spare time, Johanna is also a committed volunteer who has worked in some of Africa’s poorest communities and with its most endangered animals.