Below are just some of the people who are backing Johanna’s bid to be re-elected to the NEC – more will be added during the course of the election period.  If you’d like to back her current campaign please scroll to the bottom of the page and add a comment.  Alternatively, if you want to be creative, record your own ‘vox pop’, send it to and we’ll link it to the site.
Some members made a video of why they are backing Johanna for the NEC.  Watch it here;
‘It really matters who is on the NEC. We need people who stand up for members in meetings based on knowing what members are saying. Jo has been to an incredible number of constituencies since she was elected to the NEC so she knows what members are saying on the ground. Her energy and enthusiasm is boundless. She is a tireless campaigner who is determined to do everything she can to get Labour elected. I am proud to be supporting Johanna Baxter for re-election to the NEC.’
Fiona Twycross – GLA Member & Chair of Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
We have known Johanna since she was 16 years of age, and as her mentors we can take some credit for this young lady’s remarkable achievements in both politics and personal life. She is dedicated in everything she does – always willing to give help and support wherever needed. Johanna’s pleasing personality is a credit to her and as a member of the NEC she is and will be an asset. We wish you every success Johanna – you deserve it.
 – David Lambie, MP for Central Ayrshire & Cunninghame South from 1970 to 1992, member of North Ayrshire & Arran CLP
 – Netta Lambie, Provost of Saltcoats from 1969 to 1972, member of North Ayrshire & Arran CLP 

If you’d like to add your name to the list of people supporting Johanna, please fill in the comment box below telling us why. Please include your full name, CLP and/or any positions you currently hold.

Disclaimer: All endorsements are made in a personal capacity. By providing name and CLP information you are agreeing for them to be published on the website, and to be emailed with campaign and NEC information, unless you say otherwise.

12 thoughts on “Supporters”

  1. Since Johanna was elected to the NEC she really has remained true to her word. She really does put members first. She is fair, committed, hard-working and approachable; basically everything a member of the Labour Party could want their CLP representative to be! #JB4NEC

  2. Tom Burke said:

    I have known Johanna as my CLP secretary where she welcomes me to my first meeting moving into the area; as my Policy Commission Chair as a member of the National Policy Forum and through her ongoing support to LGBT Labour. She has always been accessible, transparent and committed to standing up for Labour party members. She connects the highest echelons of the party with reality on the ground through her outreach and listening to the views of members. She is not afraid to challenge where necessary nor find common ground to move forward. I hope all Labour party members will ensure that Johanna continues to put members first on the NEC.

  3. Mike Buckley said:

    I’m very glad to to support Johanna’s campaign for re-election to the NEC. She’s a hardworking member of the NEC and more than deserves her reputation for putting members first. Her commitment to visiting members across the country and to getting news out in blogs and social media makes a real difference to us all. #JB4NEC

  4. Johanna Baxter has been the link between CLPs and the NEC. Her service and commitment to reach out to members is second to none. Her fair minded and transparent approach to politics is an asset to the NEC and a demonstration of how we should conduct our politics.

  5. It’s an easy decision to be backing Johanna for re-election to the NEC, she is so hardworking and is a big voice for every single grassroots member. Travelling North, South, East and West, her commitment is amazing. I also enjoy receiving her regular report backs, so we are always kept informed with the work of the NEC. It’s not about should the party be left or right with Johanna, it’s simply about representing the views of ordinary constituency party members.

  6. Cllr David Wilson (Reddish North) said:

    I was very impressed with Johanna’s track record and her presentation to Denton and Reddish CLP. She made some excellent campaigning points that really seemed to resonate with the activists and members present. It was her second visit to Denton Labour Club and she duly received the unanimous backing from our CLP. Good Luck ,Johanna.



  8. I’m backing Baxter because she works tirelessly for all members and takes a fair and independent-minded approach to her work on the NEC. She reports back regularly, bringing much-needed transparency and accountability to the NEC. And she’s not an armchair general: she’s been out with us on the doorstep in Ilford North and must have clocked up more miles on trains across the country than any other member of the Labour Party.

  9. Jane Bevis said:

    I’m backing Jo because as Camberwell & Peckham CLP chair I know exactly just how hard she works for members and for Labour victories everywhere. It’s been inspiring working alongside her in the CLP and in Southwark Labour’s marvellous victory in May’s local elections. Last weekend we were out together in Bermondsey & Old Southwark, working to unseat Simon Hughes and get Neil Coyle successfully elected. And on top of this Jo travels the length and breadth of the country visiting CLPs and listening to members, taking their views back to NEC.

    Never doubt that Jo puts members first!

  10. I am backing Johanna for re-election due to her track record of engaging with CLP’s across the country. Her hard work representing, and reporting back to members is invaluable. #JB4NEC

  11. It was impressive to see Johanna making the case for worker’s rights at the National Policy Forum. I was pleased to support her calls for a fairer employment tribunal system where affordability is not a barrier to justice.

    All focus must now be on winning a Labour Government in 2015, so the party can deliver on its commitments to working people.

  12. Unsa Chaudri - Feltham and Heston CLP said:

    Johanna Baxter has been paramount in bringing the NEC to us, the members. I’m voting for Johanna because I know she really does put members first and because of her effort and hard work I feel connected to and informed about the NEC. #JB4NEC

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