Why I’m standing for re-election

A Strong Independent Candidate with a Track Record of Putting Members First

Thank you to the 162 CLPs, from every corner of the UK, who have nominated me for re-election to the National Executive Committee. It has been a privilege to serve you on the NEC for the past three years and I am asking for your support again so that I can continue to do so.

The next NEC term covers a momentous period in our fight for the UK.

Returning a Labour Government must be our main objective but prior to that we also need to win the Scottish Independence Referendum which threatens to break up the UK.

We need a strong NEC that can rise to these challenges – representatives with a track record of working constructively, engaging with and speaking up for you.

As your representative on the NEC I’ve visited over 119 CLPs – more than any other volunteer. What I learn at these meetings inspires the changes I fight for – a fairer economy, a welfare system that delivers for those most in need, an end to employment tribunal fees and fairer selections.

As a Scot I know how significant the Independence Referendum is. I’ve worked closely with the Scottish Executive to ensure they have the resources needed to win.

As a trade union official I see the devastating effects of the Coalition’s attack on workers basic rights every day so I know we need bold manifesto commitments to deliver a fairer society.

Speaking up for members

I am proud of my record on the NEC.  I stood to put members first because I believe our party stands a better chance of winning when it listens to and engages its members and activists.  Since then I’ve travelled 27,995 miles – to 104 CLPs and counting – to engage members like you, in CLPs of every size and in every region of the country.

Members are the lifeblood of our party and should be recognised as such. I have said before that I don’t believe there is anything ‘ordinary’ about being a Labour Party member and my many constituency visits have reinforced that view. Members contribute to our Party funds, put time into campaigning and are the Party’s frontline in engaging with members of the public. From Labour’s 1000 Club supporters to my own ward’s 84 year old stalwart who delivers our leaflets to his neighbours, every contribution counts. We should, and I will, be doing everything possible to keep members involved, encourage them to become active and listen to their views.

My commitments to you

As a member of the NEC I will;

  •                      Continue putting members first.  As an independent voice on the NEC I will continue to speak up for members from every wing of our party and every region of our country.
  •                      Continue to be a force for change, leading from the front, to make our NEC more accountable to the members we represent.  I will still issue regular reports of our work and visit local CLPs to hear your views.
  •                      Argue for campaign resources to be targeted to seats we need to win to return our party to power.
  •                      Ensure your voice is heard in the crucial stages of our policy making process that will determine our manifesto
  •                      Fight to protect our trade union link.
  •                      Fight to ensure that our selections are open, transparent and fair and we work to support those from under-represented backgrounds in getting selected.

Putting members first is my pledge, my priority and my politics.  I’ve done it before – please help me do it again.

Can you help me to keep Putting Members First?  As an independent candidate I need your support to get re-elected.  Can you spread the word to other Labour members?

Could you forward these to your friends in the party?

  • Tweet your support to @JohannaBaxter using the hashtag #JB4NEC or ‘like’ my Facebook page – Johanna Baxter Putting Members First on Labours NEC and invite your friends to do the same.
  • Tell other members you’re supporting me – write an endorsement on www.johannabaxter.com or record your own ‘vox pop’, send it to Backing Baxter@gmail.com and we’ll link it to the site.
  •      Most of all, when the ballot comes out, please use your vote in the all-member ballot to vote Johanna Baxter for the NEC.