Why we’re backing Johanna Baxter

Dear Friend,

We’re writing to you because you’ve endorsed Johanna Baxter’s grassroots bid to get re-elected to Labour’s NEC.  Us too!

You have already decided to invest your time and your talents in securing a strong independent voice on the NEC – and today we’re asking you to join us in investing a little of your money too.  After Johanna was elected to the NEC she visited 52 CLPs in her first 52 weeks – that figure now stands at 114 CLPs and counting, more than any other indiviudal volunteer has managed alone.  That means she has visited over 10% of CLPs herself, paying from her own pocket and using her own annual leave.  The party doesn’t provide expenses for any of this incredibly valuable work.

As a trade unionist Johanna isn’t made of money – and she’s up against a slate system which, if we don’t chip in, could crowd out independent voices.

Would you please consider donating £10 or £15 to the Johanna Baxter Democracy Fund – or even more if you could afford it – to help keep her on the road? 

Any time Johanna does a mail out to CLP Secretaries it costs over £300 – just in stamps!  Add in the paper, print and envelope costs – not to mention all her train fares – and you can see how it all adds up.

We’ve donated to Johanna’s campaign – please will you join us in investing in Labour Party democracy and in an independent members’ voice?  All funds raised will go towards the cost of Johanna’s effort to connect with Labour members in seeking to win re-election to the NEC and, if re-elected, in her role on the NEC.  Any surplus funds will, of course, be donated to the Labour Party.

Anything you can afford to give will help Johanna do what she does best: Put Members First.

Thanks for all your support so far,

Denton & Reddish CLP